Thursday, November 6, 2014

We came for the candy, and stayed for the comics

It was an incredibly busy weekend. Let's get started.


The 31st was Halloween and my nerd crew was out in force. I was in a trick or treat group with my son Green Lantern. NerdMom pulled off a low budget Harley Quinn, and I rocked a Batman nerd shirt, with matching cape.

Harley, Batman and Green Lantern. I don't know why I covered his logo.

Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones and Ghostbuster  Peter Venkmen came as a couple. 

Daenerys and Peter Venkman

Also Sally and Oogie Boogie from Nightmare before Christmas were there with their son Jack Skellington. 

Sally and Jack

Oogie Boogie and Jack

Never mind the candy, look at that house!

I walked through at least two haunted houses with Nerdbaby. Nerdbaby was definitely excited to see so many different people in their costumes. Though like Green Lantern Hal Jordan, he has no fear whatsoever. At some of the houses where jump scares were used to varying degrees of success, he would just laugh and hold out his bucket as if to say "So what, give me candy!" The candy haul was not as good as previous years or perhaps it was just a neighborhood lacking in Halloween Spirit. Either way, a fun time was had! The costumes were very creative, a lot of them hand made rather than bought. We traipsed through a neighborhood did not have as many houses decorated for Halloween as I expected, but the houses that did were very tricked out.
This is one of the less decorated houses...

It was a great time, with a pizza party following trick or treating, and cupcakes and carrot cake after that. It was someone's birthday that Halloween. How cool is that! The only negative was that my diabetes was not any better after this particular night. Fortunately, we had to leave before things got really out of hand. Onto the next event.


Right after the trick or treating party, NerdMom and I went to see The Nightmare Before Christmas on the big screen at Sam's Town. It was a very fun thing to do! We changed our t-shirts to those of the Jack Skellington theme, because that is what nerds do to fit in. We represent our particular nerdom at whatever event we go to. Unfortunately we didn't get pictures as we were running late at this point. NerdBaby stayed home with Gramma and his two nieces, where they stayed up and watched kids movies and ate of the candy until we got home.

Nerds don't stop at Halloween though! We just keep on going. I went to work at my paper route and got done at about 4am that morning and got a little sleep. Next stop me and the NerdFamily went to the comic book festival.

Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival

After a few hours of sleep, and coming off a sugar high, we went out to the Las Vegas Comic Book Festival! We were too tired to cosplay, so we continued our tradition of wearing nerd shirts, Green Lantern for me, Spiderman for NerdBaby, and Star Sapphire for NerdMom. We gotta represent!

The swag bags we got for preregistering were filled with comics. It was an amazing haul. NerdBaby got a few kids comics he will read in just a few years and a figure or two. He likes holding them for now, and ripping them up just a little.

There was a lot to see there, so I'll hit the highlights. Most of the comic book stores in the Valley and a few online stores had booths there in the front entrance. Once you made it past all of those and got inside, there were Comic book organizations like the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, VAGINA (Very Awesome Girls Into Nerdy Activities), and the featured entertainment. Every year there are musical acts and this year for our listening pleasure we had Hello, the Future! and The Return of Kirby Krackle, both nerd related of course.

Downstairs, and directly to the left was the artist alley, where artists from all over the country displayed their art. Me and NerdMom got drawings of Supernatural's Dean, a steampunk Darth Vader and like that. On the other side of the hall was the lecture hall, where the days panel's were held. I had wanted to hear the Fillbach Brothers, who worked on the Clone Wars comics from the Star Wars universe. Unfortunately, NerdBaby was done with it all by this time. He had enough nerd activity for the weekend so we packed up our comics, said our farewells and went home.  

So it ends.

So that was the end of a really long weekend, we came for the candy and stayed for the comic books. The comic book festival ended sooner for me than I wanted, but a good time was had by all. NerdBaby and NerdMom seemed to enjoy themselves as well. I've included a link to an article about the festival, told from another perspective that offers more details:

I would like to give a shout out to She Makes Comics, a documentary about women in comics, or the lack thereof. This comes out November 15, so look for that! We talked to the producer for a few minutes, very interesting story.

It was an exhausting, but a really great, weekend. I wished you all were there. More links to follow! You all Stay Nerdy!

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