Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tragedy Stikes

Nerdbaby is too short!

The doctor tells us at Nerdbaby's last checkup that he was too small for his age, and that there could be disorders or other scary things that he might have. Further testing was required. Well, Nerdmom and I were not happy about getting this news. I knew he was short, but didn't think about disorders and conditions that might affect him. Nerdmom had been worried about it for some time, but didn't know about the worst case scenarios. So we began testing.

First he had a complete blood panel, where a couple of phlebotomists in appropriate nerd scrubs (nerds are everywhere!) took my Nerdbaby's blood. I had to hold him as Nerdmom wasn't able to do it. He did not like his blood being drawn. I also did not like it. They drew a lot, enough for me to ask if they were sure that was going to leave Nerdbaby with enough blood in his body to keep him alive. It turned out that Nerdbaby was fine, as far as giving up his precious blood was concerned.

Nummy nummy!
Thank goodness that was over! It went so well that we got Nerdbaby his first chicken nugget happy meal ever from McDonalds, an eminently suitable reward. That's a big milestone I think, for an American child. Nerdbaby was excited about it, he got his own meal and a cool toy in the process. In this case, his prize was Ronald McDonald on a see-saw dinosaur.

Next up, time for an MRI scan of his head.
What kind of torture device is this?

Now, you have to be perfectly still to go through an MRI. Nerdbaby is incapable of being still like that. So we had to knock him out for the process. What was nerdy about Nerdbaby getting an MRI? The fact that he handled it like a young Jedi! He received three or four nasal inhalations of a medicine that was supposed to knock him out. It ended up making him higher than a kite. Then they had to inject some kind of knockout drug into his arm, and that took more than one dose.

I do have to admit that there was a point when he was unconscious that I had severe problems with the whole procedure. Not that it was painful, except to watch. He had to remain completely still during the process, which is why he had to be knocked out. When in the machine, it is incredibly loud and scary. It was one of the hardest things I've seen at this point. But after the MRI and when they stopped the IV drip of knockout stuff, he popped right up. He was still loopy for a couple of hours, but he was normal Nerdbaby that night, and still had no ill effects the next day. The Force is strong in this one!
Stunt double for Nerdbaby

Sweet mystery of life,
Now I've found you
Same as the last time, we got him a nugget happy meal again. But this time we got him his first milkshake ever. In retrospect, I should have checked to see if there was a smaller size than an adult small. What is small for me is quite large for Nerdbaby. So the milkshake that he puked up a few hours later proved. Oh Noes! The medication may have played a part in it, but I think I gave him too much milkshake. It did not stop him from eating up a storm the next day.

So luckily it turned out that his MRI showed all things normal, the same as his bloodwork. All thanks to be given to the higher power of your choice! He is just a short Nerdbaby! The doctor wants us to see a geneticist, but has suggested this with no real urgency as he did demonstrate some growth in the past month. Nerdbaby's physical development is not arrested, just slow. Mentally he is a little ahead of the curve, walking and talking, using forks and drinking out of sippy cups. Plates are a little too advanced for him at this time, but he is ahead of all his milestones for development that aren't the physical markers.

Go Nerdbaby! Don't sweat the small stuff and stay nerdy!

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