Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas is up, just in time for Thanksgiving!

What's this?

I know it is still early, but the NerdFamily put the Christmas tree up already! Nerdmom has got her new Nightmare before Christmas ornament hanging high and proud. Nerdbaby is well represented by the ever popular Elf on the Shelf, personalized with his name on it. I purchased a cloth Green Lantern ornament made by the girls of VAGINA(very awesome girls into nerdy activities) who were raising money for animal shelters. I love those girls. But I have to tell you what Nerdbaby did this week. It happened just before Thanksgiving.


In other news, Nerdbaby has committed his first jailbreak. A few days ago, the Nerdfamily was asleep (or so we thought) when Nerdbaby climbed out of his crib, scaled another baby gate between our bedroom and his, and burst through the door! "HAPPY THANKSGIVING!" (No, he didn't really say that.) This scared the (deleted expletive) out of Nerdmom and I. I don't think I have ever been so mad and so proud at the same time. I was proud because, look at my Nerdbaby, he is able to find his mommy and daddy by overcoming all obstacles in his path. I was mad because, now what? Am I going to have to put a net over his crib to keep him in?

In the end, the crib was able to lower a few more inches, putting off this problem for a few months. Anyone is welcome to comment any ideas they have, short of nailing Nerdbaby in his crib every night. I've already decided against that one. No more jailbreaks until after Christmas, please! While I'm waiting for some really great advice, let's get back to the holidays.

Thanksgiving is here

Thanksgiving dinner all gone.
Thanksgiving was delicious. We went to Grandma's house on Nerdmom's side of the family on the day itself. Nerdbaby wallowed in mashed potatoes and turkey. Just before Christmas we will spend time at my parents. Notice that neither sets of aren't nerdy enough to be called Nerdgrandparents! No, just kidding, they really are quite nerdy. But seriously, just look at that word "nerdgrandparents", it looks silly. We look forward to spending quality time with our nerdfamilies before the craziness of Christmas season comes to a peak on Christmas Day. But first we have to get through Black Friday.

Black Day for Humanity, great day for shopping though

Black Friday started out at Cosmic Comics, and finished up with a smash and grab at the local Wal-Mart. Surprisingly Wal-Mart was a breeze at 10am on Black Friday. Our haul was pretty big, considering we only spent $100 in all. We found some really great deals. I can't tell you what I got, because it's a secret. Shh! Look forward to an unboxing report after Christmas is over. I love a good Black Friday sale. Like all red blooded American males, I normally wait until the last minute to shop for presents, and this is my only chance to get ahead of things.

Don't worry, Nerdbaby already has plenty of really great presents at home. We got them over the course of the year. Nerdmom started shopping back in February. He's getting a couple of 200 piece megablox sets, some Fisher Price toys, and clothes and such. We expect he will like the boxes that they all come in. Shush. Don't tell him. We want it to be a surprise. And talking about surprises, what's better than chocolate!

Ethel M Christmas

I want it all for Christmas

Later that Friday we all went to Ethel M Cactus Garden for their lights. If you have never been, it is quite amazing and you really should see it. It is an amazing light spectacle with lights dripping off all the trees, and coating all the plants and cactuses. Santa is there on the weekends for visits and telling Santa what you want. The Nerdbaby and his cousins got to see Santa and have their picture taken. And  sadly, now it is time to go home.

Goodbye For Now

Happy New Years!

Thanks for coming with me for this year of nerdy growth and changes. I'm signing off for this year, and I hope to see you next year!

Stay Nerdy! Nerd-dad out!

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