Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sick and Nerdy

Bad Weekend

This is how I felt.

Me and Nerdbaby got sick this weekend. Can we be sick in a nerdy way? Yes we can.

So starting off, Nerdbaby came down with a fever, which we falsely attributed that to a new tooth coming in. For relief, he uses a purple lightsaber as a teething tool; that seems pretty nerdy to me. He sticks the tip of the lightsaber in his mouth and just chomps away on it! For those who don't know, the purple lightsaber is from the Star Wars prequel movies. This one belongs to the character Mace Windu played by Samuel Jackson.

Bad Ass Mother Fu@#er!

My Nerdbaby also had a sore throat and didn't eat very much for a couple of days. We thought that was his tooth as well, but looking back realized it was a bit more serious, I'll explain why shortly. And to top all of that off, he started getting spots all over his body, but mostly on his legs like hundreds of tiny bug bites. So you're all thinking measles right? Not exactly. Now, I've told you his story first, so I'll tell you mine.


So why do we think he had a sore throat? Well, I got a high fever of 102 a few days later and had to visit the Emergency Room for it, wearing my t-shirt with a skull made out of kittens on it from Loot Crate! See previous post: Wearing my nerd shirts makes me feel better, so what. And guess what, I also had a sore throat. They asked me a lot of questions, mostly revolving around my travel and exposure to people from other countries.

After explaining that I had not been to West Africa nor did I know anyone who was, they ended up pumping me full of pain killers and fever reducer, and had me on a saline drip. Feeling fine! Many different tests were run, and the results came back in a few days.

Game On!

All I had left to do was play video games and watch Star Wars! I found an older PlayStation game called Wild Arms that was one of my favorite old school RPG's ever. Between that and my new copy of Star Wars The Force Unleashed, I barely had enough time to sleep for 12 hours a day. Unfortunately between the medication and what came next, it was getting difficult to play effectively.

The very next day, I started getting spots on my hands and feet that were just plain itchy and scratchy. I know you're still thinking measles, but I already had the measles when I was a small nerd, and Nerdbaby just got his one year shots for the measles, mumps and such. What else could it be?

Mystery Solved

Well, using the nerdy Google search bar, I put in the symptoms and felt lucky. The all-knowing Web MD told me that the likely suspect was Foot, Hands and Mouth Disease. For confirmation we took Nerdbaby, wearing his new Batman slipper socks that always put a smile on his face, to the Goodnite Pediatrics Clinic located next to the Whitney library  where the doctor confirmed my WebMD educated diagnosis. The doctor said that's what it was, and since Nerdbaby just had his MMR shot our symptoms are a reaction to that, me catching it from him.

Both of us are clearing up nicely, Nerdbaby doing much better than me right now. I'm still itchy but on a positive note am high on the oxycodone. I'll have to pay for that later I'm sure. It definitely hit me harder. Nerdbaby is already duel wielding lightsabers around the house.

I think we handled our sickness in a nerdy fashion, using our nerd tools to get through the tough times. It would have been better not getting sick, but it was a learning experience, and any day you learn something new is not a wasted day!

Thanks for listening! Stay nerdy!

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