Thursday, October 23, 2014

Boxes and Boxes, Oh My!

Are you looking for a monthly treat, maybe for you or for your nerd-spawn? Have you ever asked what can you and your little nerdling do during the summer months when nobody goes outside unless they have too? Well, I know a secret that might solve all your problems.

Subscription Boxes

There are currently monthly subscription boxes for almost anything you can think of. My family subscribes to Loot Crate and Citrus Lane, but plan to include a couple of others. But maybe you're asking yourself what a subscription box is?

Imagine getting a surprise box full of presents every month with the coolest things inside. There are different themes for almost any taste, and children are definitely included in this new craze. You can also buy extra items at discounted rates through the boxer. YouTube has videos dedicated to just unboxing these boxes. Here is a link to a CNN article discussing YouTube and unboxing. Check it out. It is quite the phenomenon. So let me describe the ones I get, then the others I am aware of.

Loot Crate

Loot crate is a nerd box of goodness. Every month they pick a topic such as Galactic, Heroes, and Villians in just the past three months. The guys at Loot Crate then send you nerdy toys in that theme for you to freak out over. Each box contains about 4-6 items like bobblehead toys or other small figures and a t-shirt that revolve around the monthly theme. For instance, last month was a Galactus inspired theme, taking its inspiration from Firefly, Star Wars and Star Trek. The item I was most excited about that month was an actual Tribble! My little nerd baby also loves it, who wouldn't love a cute little Tribble of their very own! There were other really cool items in the box, but this was MY PRECIOUS.

These are Tribbles.

This month's box of Fear has good stuff in it, but my favorite has to be a variant cover Walking Dead comic and a t-shirt with a skull made out of kittens. Nerd baby didn't find anything he liked this month in this box.

Here is a review of this month's box for your viewing pleasure.

Citrus Lane

Citrus Lane is a subscription box for children that has age appropriate toys, sample of lotions and soaps for baby and Mama, as well as containers for snack foods and other associated items. This month we got Babies First Football, which excited me and my nerd baby, although I must point out that was not his first football. He has at least three footballs, including one in the Seattle Seahawks colors. Go Hawks! And yes he can play catch at age one. NerdFamily knows how to have fun!

We also got a toy rattle/noisemaker and some lotion samples. NerdMom is generally more excited about these boxes than NerdFather. Still, FOOTBALL for the win!

My NerdMom watches these videos all the time, this is in fact how we found out about Citrus Lane.

Mine and Nerdbaby's Favorite toy in this box.
What other boxes are there?

I'm glad you asked. There are literally hundreds of choices. I'll list some of the ones I know people get in my circle of friends. There is the Bento Box, which gives you a bunch of comics every month. You might be interested in Love with Food which sends you healthy snacks every month. I know that you have heard of The Shave Club, that sends you a few new disposable razors every month. If you can think of it, there is a box for you.

What else can you get that is Nerdy?

Our next box, when NerdBaby gets a little older will be the Kiwicrate, actually called KoalaCrate for ages 3-6. But it was originally all Kiwicrate.This is a monthly craft box with two or three activities that you and your nerdling can work on, or they can do by their self. These are age appropriate, and mostly gender neutral projects. I'm really looking forward to this one, and am also on the lookout for the Lego box as well. Currently this is more of a rental box for Lego play sets, like Netflix is for movies and games. But there are so many boxes, you need a tour guide for them all.

Another box I recently found out about while researching this topic is the Nerd Block. This is incredible, how did I never hear about this one!? It has different themes to choose each month. You can pick a horror movie box, and all your content will be in that genre. There are boxes for boys and different boxes for girls. There is a video game themed box. They all come with toys and t-shirts of all kinds of nerdy activity.

I found a reviewer of subscription boxes called the Subscription Box Mom, you can find her at She does reviews of all kinds of boxes so you don't have to try them all. Or you could go here and see if there is anything you like.

Thanks for dropping by, and Stay Nerdy!

You can find the boxes I subscribe to here:

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