Thursday, October 16, 2014

I am a nerd and a new father, now what?


So being a new father comes with a lot of on the job learning. Because WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY. Some of you will recognize the ubiquitous Spiderman reference. How do I be who I am, and raise my son at the same time? 

The Easy Stuff

Some of the easiest decisions to make are what to dress him as. Since I am a nerd, he gets to be dressed up as a nerd! His first set of pajamas from his grandparents was a Green Lantern suit, specifically the uniform of John Stewart. But mostly we dress him up with Batman logos and refer to him as Batbaby in most of our photos. But there are more things to being a parent than just dressing up a baby.

Green Lantern Baby

"You must learn the ways of the Force, if you're to come with me to Alderaan."

This blog will be about how I can be who I am (nerd, if you forgot), and raise my son responsibly. Comics and dress up are not that responsible are they? You might say that they are part of a lifestyle and you'd be right. But is the act of playing that is important, to me and to raising a child responsibly.

Lets get to work.

"A child's work is play" says Maria Montessori, creator of the Montessori school system. So that is what I will give you, stories of us going to work!

There are a few different things that nerds as parents can do in Las Vegas, that I do to raise my son. "Trust the Force, young Jedi!" There are local comic book shops that are kid friendly, that also sponsor nerdy activities throughout the year. Batbaby enjoys visiting our local comic book shop. The young lady behind the counter is an honorary Auntie because she comes from behind the counter, and Batbaby jumps into her arms. It scared us the first time it happened. He isn't allowed to hold the comics yet, unless they are already bagged and boarded, but he does enjoy him some comics. Most of the time we have to create our own Nerd-dom here in Las Vegas at home.

As a family we watch the superhero movies, and wear t-shirts that emphasize our interest. We have a group that meets every Monday to watch Doctor Who, and catch up on each others nerdy activity. Most of the group does not have kids yet, but are very interested in my son. It takes a nerdy village to raise a nerdy child!

I will also be reviewing more nerdy toys that Batbaby enjoys in future blogs, other nerdy activities I do with my son, and other nerd parent interests. Hopefully we can meet each other out there in the nerdy world.

Stay nerdy!

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